Greece Was the Best in Europe

During my vacation in Europe, I initially wanted to see France and Italy, but became interested in seeing Greece. Greece is a country with a rich history that no one should pass up. It also has some tasty cuisine that is truly unique to the country. I looked online for a place to stay while in Greece, and found the Mykonos Villas to be the perfect spot. It was affordable and had everything that I needed for my trip. I packed my items and headed from Italy to Greece, while thinking about the fun times I would have along the way.

I arrived in Greece during the midday, so I had enough time to put my items in my room and head out to do some sight seeing while the sun was still out. My hunger was getting the best of me, so I went to a restaurant to have a meal first. The food in Greece was some of the most delicious that I had eaten during my time in Europe. I favored Italian food going into Europe, but after being in Greece, my preferences have changed to the Greek food. I tried to figure out a few of the recipes for the meals that I ate, but I don’t think I got it just right.

The sights in Greece were amazing. There were so many structures that have stood in Greece for ages, and the country does a good job of melding the past with the present. It’s always awe inspiring to see how many European countries are able to preserve their history so well. In America where I come from, the country isn’t as old as Greece, and things don’t seem as interesting because of this. Still, I love my home, but I would love to live in Greece all the time.