4 Interior Design Ideas for Your New Baby’s Nursey

A new baby is set to make his or her arrival in a few weeks and you are scrambling to get everything in order. The nursery, however, is the most important part, since your little one will spend so much time snoozing there. This article covers 4 fun interior design ideas for your new baby’s nursery.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Animals

Noah’s Ark is the biggest, most popular theme for a baby’s nursery. Animals everywhere. And you can never go wrong with animals, since there are so many adorable options to accentuate the interior design of a youngster’s bedroom. From elephants with happy faces and trumpeting trunks, to giraffes with super-long necks and cute, dotty patterns, these are the types of kid-oriented accents that you can use over and over again.

Sea-Themed Everything

When in doubt, go with sea-themed everything. The ocean is a natural focus for mystery, intrigue, and calm thoughts. The varying blues and greens soothe senses, so it’s natural that a sea-theme would be best for baby’s nursery. Throw in a wallpaper border of seashells, and invest in a sound machine with gentle wave noises, and you have a nursery that even you would love to sleep in.

Go with Disney Classics

From princesses like Snow White and Cinderella, to classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, there are heaps of great Disney inspirations that can spruce up a child’s bedroom. These are classic characters that can be with a baby throughout their childhood, so you never have to change the décor. Not until their preteen years, at least. Plus, you don’t always have to rely on classics. There are dozens of other Disney characters, like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, that would make perfect wallpaper decals for your youngsters.

Keep the Room Soothing but Bright

In the baby stages, a nursery or child’s bedroom should be soothing and calming with elements that are conducive to relaxation and sleep. Basically, a nursery should be one big lullaby. Soothing but bright is the best way to go. This means you should use vibrant but relaxing colors, such as robin’s egg blue, cotton candy pink, or leafy green. These colors provide a mood boost while lulling the senses into a cocoon of positive feelings.

When picking the interior designs for your baby’s bedroom, remember that comfort comes first. Don’t invest in a scratchy, horrible blanket just because it has a cute design on it. Instead, seek out nursery elements that are both useful and colorful. You do DIY most nursery projects, but if you need help, don’t be afraid to call in a couple of professional general contractors.